Anï Lou

Music is an intrinsic part of my life. It's how I come to terms with experiences and challenges I face. Because of this, my songs are often raw and emotional. My sound has been described to me as ambient and dreamy, with layered, soaring, angelic and at times, haunting vocals. Although I love to incorporate complex layered backdrops into my songs, the overall structure remains minimalist in nature. My hope is for my songs to be alluding to a mutual sense of emotional understanding. Initially I feel my singing carried sadder tones but moving forward I now wish to express a lifting hopeful emotion. I am often expressing a longing, overcoming a need for something more and at the same time trying to fill these empty spaces. I often think of trying to lift and calm myself when I sing; finding the right notes to trigger healing. My hope is for this personal feeling to resonate within others.

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