Duxie Franklin

Duxie Franklin was always a songwriter, although she didn’t know it. It took a soul destroying accounting degree and crippling sports injuries (she harboured dreams of becoming a professional tennis player) to bring it out of her. After a year recovering from both, Duxie pulled up her suburban Melbourne roots and moved to Hobart to pursue contemporary music at the University of Tasmania. During her degree, Duxie spent a year on exchange at Towson University in Baltimore, USA, double-majoring in singing and composition. Since graduating in December 2015, Duxie has been hitting the singer-songwriter circuits in Hobart and Melbourne, silencing rowdy crowds one pub at a time. 

Duxie’s music is equal parts provocative and poignant. Her razor-sharp lyrics cut through clichés and her poetic subtleties rouse and stir in unexpected ways. Once described by an audience member as 'the musical lovechild of Joni Mitchell and Frank Zappa', her songs stick in your head like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth. Duxie does not sing because she loves singing; she sings because she has something to say.

Duxie is currently in pre-production mode for recording and releasing her debut EP! Stay tuned!

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