Isla Ka

Isla Ka is the new project of singer songwriter Frankie Andrew. The name holds special meaning and marks a new stage as she collaborates with other musicians. Currently performing solo, Isla Ka has played a number of great shows since making the change last year, including supports for Wil Wagner of The Smith Street Band, Lincoln le Fevre & The insiders, on the Regrowth Stage at the Marion Bay Falls Festival and at the Festival of Voices.

An experienced songwriter now, with 8 years of performing behind her. This is evident in Frankie's lyrics, which are honest and personal, threaded with imagery of a life lived in Tasmania's North-East, abroad and in Melbourne. Explored across nylon, steel and electric, Frankie's guitar style is emotive and effortless and her voice has the right amount of warmth, swells and tension resulting in a feeling that you will keep coming back to.

Upcoming shows include a small festival in Melbourne, 'Not Fest' (13-15/11) and dates in Launceston at Fresh on Charles (23/11) and The Royal Oak (4/12).

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