Annual Report

Music Tasmania is pleased to present our 2017 Annual Report, along with Audited Financials

2017 was a monumental year for music in Tasmania and we are proud of the work that Music Tasmania undertook to support, promote, and advocate for musicians and the music industry.

Key Achievements in 2017

We offered 16 artists and industry development opportunities across our programs, engaging 37 key local and 18 national delegates. Approximately 364 participated in these initiatives.

We presented 237 Tasmanian acts at seven key festivals events.

We directly employed 59 musicians and enabled the employment of approximately 626 local musicians.

We contracted 14 music businesses, including creative producers, sound technicians, stage managers, photographers/videographers, and equipment hire companies, to help deliver our programs.

We connected Tasmanian musicians with an audience of approximately 236,735 people.

We delivered Game Changers, the first series of events focused on celebrating and developing the capacity of women in music.

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