Aaron (Alf) Favell


I have a deep love of Tasmania and it's incredible music scene, having visited for years and finally moving here in November 2017. The level of talent in Tasmania is quite astounding and the patronage of live music is excellent. I would love to be able to share this talent with a greater audience and enhance the experience of patrons to an even greater level.

I have worked in the music industry since 1999 mainly as an artist and performer. In that time, I have witnessed a great deal of change, developed networks nationwide and learnt an enormous amount which I feel compelled to share. I am still very active in the industry with my duo AlfanAnt which provides insight into what performers are seeking from their Advocacy Body.

I have a great deal of experience in Grant Writing, Touring, Studio Recording, Promotion, Strategic Planning for Artists and Performing.

I have a pathological desire to teach and impart knowledge (which is partially salved by my job as a Special Needs Teacher) but one of AlfanAnt's Goals (as a result becomes mine) is to ""pay it forward"" and to help younger performers as best we can. In recent years, I have taken on a mentoring role with Local Tasmanian Acts such as Cotton Pony and a Queensland act, The Sundowners. I have found this enormously rewarding and see a role with Music Tasmania to continue this.

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