Cody Webberley


Cody Webberley or better known by his stage name of 'Koh-Dee', is an electronic music producer, composer and sound designer from Hobart.

His debut EP, 'Don’t Forget', was released on July 17, 2016. Because of this release, Koh-dee had secured a spot to perform at the Junction Art’s Soundscape Festival in Launceston on September 10, 2016. Since then, he has booked and performed at established Tasmanian venues such as MONA, Light Up the Lane, The Brisbane Hotel, The Grand Poobah and The Twisted Lime.

While also performing music live, Cody enjoys engaging and collaborating with a variety of individuals and organizations, including and Bridestowe Lavender Farm - where his music has been featured in a handful of tourist attraction videos and advertisements, to help promote Tasmania tourism.

Cody possesses a driving passion for the music business, thriving to learn as much as possible about the industry. Not only to help further his own brand but also to assist in building other fellow Tasmanian musicians’ careers.

Recently completing his second year of study at the UTAS Conservatorium of Music, he will be commencing his final year of study for the Bachelor of Music degree in 2019.

Dedicated to furthering his knowledge, Cody has sought after and enrolled himself into several self-directed musical programs, including graduating from the Heroic Music Marketing Academy, achieving the mentorship from Allan McConnell of the electronic duo 'Close Counters’ for numerous years, and acquiring mentorship with Az Scott-McGuinness from 'Square Frame Music'.

Cody has been working as Head of Music & Sound of the Tasmanian group ‘Hybrid Elements Collective’ since 2016. Where collectively he and the other group members arrange and perform at a series of non-for-profit events and fundraisers, such as the Tascare Society for Children. In his college years, Cody had been awarded the 2016 Rosny College UTAS Award in Music Technology and the Tasmanian Young Achievers Awards: 2017 Certificate of Achievement - Nominated for The Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award.

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