Gerald Englebretsen


You will find Gerald at many Australian performance and exhibition venues as a prolific supporter and consumer of an impossibly wide spectrum of music, art and theatre. He does not believe in living within his demographic and especially encourages new emerging talent whether in person or through multiple online channels.

With tastes as eclectic as the expected ‘old standards’, and newbies like Orla Gartland, Olivia Millerschin, Lewis Watson, Kina Grannis, our own Wolfe Brothers, Neil Finn, Rita Hall & J. Williams, Jasmine Thompson, Bea Miller, The Warning, Victoria Canal and Trio Mandili, he listens to and enjoys music from all over. Obviously many local artists add to that repertoire.

Daytime he is involved in Content Curation for a visitor-focused government organisation based in Hobart. At night you will find him out and about. 

Gerald spent formative years in NZ before working 17 years with Air New Zealand. Widely travelled, he moved to Australia in the late 80’s and after a stint in Western Australia in IT, moved to Tasmania. 

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