Mary Shannon


Mary Shannon is an arts worker, performer and enthusiast from Tasmania. Working on local events such as Festivale (Event Officer/Programming), Junction Arts Festival (Producer, Admin & Office Manager), Party in the Paddock (Artist Liaison & Logistics) as well as producing her own events as part of the local music scene.

She is also currently Producer of Stompin Dance Company, based in Launceston. Through this experience, Mary has formed a solid and well-rounded understanding of arts culture and community ethic and how these are integrated to form a better life experience for many. Passionate about the future of our youth and issues affecting our society, Mary has a keen focus on developing work that is relevant and expresses self in a way that is cathartic and healthy.

Mary also performs regularly in bands Meres and Bansheeland and is actively involved in supporting her local community through assisting to develop activities that aim to give broader and accessible opportunities for people to create music and art.

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