Rhys Richards

President and Chairman

Rhys Richards is a music and arts industry professional, and Hobart based manager at APRA AMCOS and OneMusic Australia.

After studying classical music at Monash University in Melbourne, Rhys went on to play keyboards and synthesizers in a band and traveled to record and perform internationally. He has performed on a number of national festival programs including Splendour in the Grass, St. Gerome’s Laneway Festival, Falls Festival, Southbound Festival, Meredith Music Festival, Golden Plains Music Festival, Secret Garden Festival, Sugar Mountain, Melbourne International Arts Festival and MONA FOMA. Rhys has also worked in the film and television industry and is credited on a number of feature film and documentary projects.

Experience in both the film and music industries exposed Rhys to the backdrop of copyright and creator’s rights, and in 2016 he completed a graduate law degree and joined APRA AMCOS, where he now specialises in the area of copyright. APRA AMCOS is responsible for the collection and distribution of songwriting royalties to around 100,000+ songwriter, composer and music publisher members, and around three million copyright owners worldwide. . Rhys’ current role at APRA AMCOS and OneMusic is managing licensing for government, education and other key sectors nationally.

In March 2018 Rhys relocated to Hobart and has since fostered meaningful relationships with local industry and key government agencies. Rhys is a passionate advocate for the rights of musicians and improving ways for them to derive income from their work. He brings to Music Tasmania first-hand experience (as a musician) with publishing and record deals, management contracts and band agreements, and through his recent work an understanding of the nexus between copyright, live performance, live venues, festivals and events.

Rhys views Tassie as a creator’s paradise, tranquil and inspiring, and believes the music industry is key to its cultural future.

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