Sumner. Photo by Grace Chia Photography.
Sumner. Photo by Grace Chia Photography.

Gone are the days when getting fans to hear your music depended on the support of a few select gatekeepers. While the Internet has made it much easier for you to get your music straight to listeners, it has also made the digital distribution space extremely competitive.

We want to help promote you and your music. We also want to promote our industry, from the retail soldiers to the bedroom producers, and all the other hardworkers inbetween.

If you have other marketing, media and/or promotion benefits you'd like to see, contact with your suggestions, and we'll add them to Music Tasmania's perks wish-list.

Artist directory

As part of Music Tasmania’s online artist directory, members have a profile page that includes photos, music and links to your website and social media platforms.

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Industry directory

Industry members have a profile page that includes a photo, business description and customised information for each trade, ranging across venues, recording studios, promoters, designers and more. The industry pages on Music Tasmania’s online directory includes website and social media links with contact information and a location map. Industry members also have an opportunity to promote benefits or discounts to Music Tasmania's members.

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Tasmanian Arts Guide

Coming soon... Opportunities to be included on Music Tasmania’s feature page in the online Tasmanian Arts Guide.

Social media

Inclusion on Music Tasmania's SoundCloud profile with the possibility of featuring on the quarterly playlist.

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