Baba Bruja

Baba Bruja are Hobart’s very own 12 piece all original Afrobeat/ indofunk orchestra, and are one of the largest Afrobeat bands in Australia. Featuring some of Tasmania’s most loved jazz and funk musicians the band have bought their high energy music to audiences across the state at a wide range of festivals, venues and events. The group play entirely original music (written and arranged by bandleader and trombonist Stephen McEntee) and bring a unique sound to the Tasmanian scene. The group draw inspiration from the musical traditions of West Africa, Turkey, India and South America, and are forming partnerships with members of the wider community I order to expand our own musical horizons.

Baba Bruja are:
Stephen McEntee: bandleader, composer and trombone
Adam Davenport-Hortle: trombone
Dave Titherley: trumpet
Jim Verral: trumpet
Mitch Ellis: tenor sax and clarinet
Nick Ngent: baritone Sax
Kelly Ottaway: keyboards
Ben Brinkhoff: bass
Isaac Gee: bass
Nick Parish: guitar
Matt Ives: drums
Eduardo Venegas: percussion
Sam Dawson: percussion
Maggie Abraham: percussion 

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