Christopher Leon

Christopher Leon is a Tasmanian composer and producer. Having graduated with majors in Music Technology along with Journalism, Media and Communications from the University of Tasmania in 2013, he has spent the last few years honing his production, recording, and composition skills focusing on writing music styled for film and games.

In 2011, Christopher worked on a team to produce the score for American feature film Christmas With The Dead, and in 2013 he was responsible for scoring three TV commercials for the state government. He currently works as a production assistant for the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, and as the in-house sound engineer for CutCommon in which he masters works by fellow Australian composers. He is also CutCommon’s Global series co-ordinator, which sees him interview leading composers and industry figures from Hollywood and across the world. You can follow these on his blog page.

Christopher is inspired by the rise of cutting-edge technology. He first composed as a classical guitarist, then as a contemporary acoustic artist. In the past few years, he has gained a wealth of experience in songwriting and now uses his diverse skillset for film composition. Since picking up the guitar at age 12, Christopher has swept through multiple genres on his way to electronic and orchestral music production. From the early years playing flamenco guitar, contemporary, alternative, rock, blues, and pop, he has absorbed all that he can from each genre in hope of finding the right ingredients to make beautiful music for the world.

Using his experience studying various genres, Christopher seeks to push the boundaries between composition styles, usually incorporating gritty synths juxtaposed with lush moving string lines in a quest to find the perfect harmony between natural acoustic instruments and electronic synthesizers. His music today draws inspiration from styles such as pop, EDM, electro, cinematic, KPop, alternative, funk, hip-hop, and symphonic. Christopher looks to the future of his musical career in film and game music with ever-increasing enthusiasm and energy, ready to meet the next challenge and unleash his creative thoughts and feelings for an unexpecting audience.

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