Chupacabra is a legendary creature from the Americas. Its name comes from the Spanish words 'chupar' (to suck) and 'cabra' (goat). Literally goat sucker. It was first sighted in Puerto Rico in the late 20th Century. Chupacabra attacks and drinks the blood of livestock, especially that of goats. In 2014, a bunch of Tasmanians called themselves CHUPACABRA & perform to honour the goats that have passed. They look to 'Día de los muertos' (Day of the Dead) and celebrate the lives of fallen goats using symbols of skeletons, flowers & death in a festive, colourful and alive way.

CHUPACABRA sing about death, life, tobacco and rum. They bring the Cumbia sound to bring Australia that little bit closer to lusty Latin America.

This 8 piece band bring horns, accordion, guitar, bass, latin percussion and Spanglish together to give you a moment in your life where all you want to do is celebrate something and dance for it. Any reason is good enough.

We are CHUPACABRA, come join the cumbia family.

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