Craig Beardwood

Craig, an award-winning, Hobart-based Songwriter, is a craftsman of songs and a student of songwriting.  He believes that songwriting is not an inspiration business, it is a craft - it’s the technique supporting the talent.  He believes in the value of reviewing and revising and that good songs aren’t just written - they’re re-written.

Craig has studied songwriting and lyric writing with New York-based Sheila Davis and Santa Monica-based Molly-Ann Leikin.

Craig’s writing is influenced by the music of Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Harry Chapin, Bernie Taupin/Elton John, Sting and Yusuf (Cat Stevens).

When Craig writes, he doesn’t have a particular genre in mind, although he knows it’s not going to be rap or heavy metal.  Because of his descriptive style and the situations he writes about, Craig feels his writing is best suited to the country rock genre.  Craig has had a number of his songs recorded in Nashville TN, by his two songwriting partners, Tim Angsten and Jon Statham.

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