Denni Sulzberger

Denni Sulzberger is a Launceston based singer-songwriter blending elements of blues, folk and pop with heartfelt storytelling to create a style all her own.

Since her first solo appearance in 2013 Denni has loved sharing her music at intimate gigs in her home town and has been well supported by events and venues such as Club 54, The Brew Original Music Night at Bakers Lane, Fresh (where she has supported musicians such as Grim Fawkner), Festivale, Red Brick Road Cider House and When She Believes at The Royal Oak. She has also recently featured as When She Believes’ artist of the week. 

Denni is currently recording in preparation for the launch of an EP and the accumulation of a band. Recently she arranged one of her original songs for orchestra, which is to be presented live in concert with the St Cecilia Chamber Orchestra in June 2016 and is enjoying exploring new sounds, styles and future directions for her music while staying true to its fragile and genuine roots. 

Denni is also a cellist, having played with Launceston band Thieves and, currently, Paper Souls; has co-written and performed music for several plays such as Chasing a Sound Like Rain (Launceston Youth Theatre Ensemble Abroad) and The Sea Project (Mudlark Theatre and Arthur) and played in numerous local musical theatre productions. She is also a 'cello tutor at several schools in Launceston. .

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