Dream Sister

Dream Sister are a six piece Alt-Rock band from Tasmania, whom started off primarily performing classic Pop songs and Alt Rock cover pieces that both Dream Sister and their audiences have come to love from the past, from current chart toppers such as Bruno Mars, Maroon 5 and Dua Lipa, to the more explorative and unique sounds of Biffy Clyro, Dom Liberati and Devin Townsend. The group utilises the line-ups extent and members range of knowledge to create interesting and unique original arrangements of songs long left behind or untouched and keeping the classics unscathed. However over time Dream Sister have been continuously exploring and evolving their musical tastes and influences, the result of which as been the band’s new EP Miasma, an amalgamation of the band’s influences spanning from funk to prog rock to softer acoustic pieces reminiscent of romantic cinematography.

You can find Dream Sister performing in a range of ways, either at your local pub playing rock and pop covers, to weddings and private functions!

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