Guthrie delivers honest and distinctive electric blues.

These rugged southern gents sing songs of love, murder, vengeance, addiction, redemption, lust, longing and loss.

Dark and magnificent, Guthrie delivers an unmistakable sound and an incendiary live spectacle.

Never shying from a stiff drink, a late night or a long drive, Guthrie boast a streetwise education born from extensive national touring, major festival performances and sweating it out alongside some of the nation's finest performers. Guthrie have well and truly carved their name wherever they go.

Guthrie have dedication and commitment to match their talent. Guthrie have been a working, functioning and achieving band for almost a decade. They have stuck through the tough times and have carved their little place in the Australian music landscape with good humour, a strong work ethic, strong morals and an appetite for the road.

They have proved that it is completely possible to be a working, touring and achieving band based in Tasmania.

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