Interitum was spawned into Tasmania’s northern city of Launceston. The brainchild of husband and wife team Trent and Kel Barrett together with members Jarrod Gaye and Paul Wallace have created something that twists all their influences into a vision of Sludge/Doom Core that is uniquely theirs. 

Created in late 2015 and after a shuffle of members through 2016, by the December that year Interitum was in full swing. 2017 saw the recording and release of debut EP Conformed Suffering. Then a five-piece they worked with producer Joe Haley (Psycroptic) and recorded at AAA Recording Studio and Crawlspace Studios.

The debut single Beneath the Filth’s video was filmed edited and directed my vocalist Kel, creating a world within the story of the lyrics. Throughout that year they worked at growing their name and craft which seen them playing shows on a regular basis and have had the pleasure of working with bands such as Black Rheno.

They have also seen extensive radio play worldwide on over 25 radio stations. Early 2018 saw the departure of guitarist Freeman, due to personal commitments. Interitum has powered on as a four-piece and has been busy writing material for the upcoming full-length album due for release 2019. 

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