Not unlike many other young acts, Jensen used the streets as their training ground from the beginning - busking, gigging, and promoting themselves to the people of their hometown, Hobart, Tasmania.

However, they quickly developed a highly professional and polished sound, setting them apart from the rest to gain high praise and recognition. There is a mature approach to their music that is blended with a goofy, youthful enthusiasm that they draw from their sheer love of creating music together.

The Jensen ensemble has performed in several iterations through their development. Beginning as a duo, the group expanded to a trio, and recently added drums to form a four piece, but still perform as a smaller ensemble at times, depending on the venue and performance. Often described as a folk/rock band, Jensen have retained their distinctive sound throughout their 7+ years of performing.

The music began as a product of the friendship between Harry Jensen and Oscar Bosch, and now encompasses other musicians and life-long friendships. They have a simplistic and heart-felt singer songwriter approach that is fleshed out with a full-bodied and stirring sound crafted from each individual’s faultless skill at their chosen instrument.

The achievements and successes that they have found within their home state are a product of the passion that they share together. In the coming years they aspire to share their craft with a wider audience whilst continuing to grow and develop their sense of friendship and musicianship. Proving to be hard to miss, these guys are guaranteed to have your toes tapping whether you're young or young at heart.

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