Joel Imber

Joel Imber is a singer songwriter with a diverse musical background and hailing from the cold and unforgiving streets of Hobart. He started out busking on the streets of Hobart at the age of 16, looking for nothing more than a few pennies and the promise of a couch to crash on. Over time he developed a signature musical style of storytelling infused with a mixture of the old soul music he grew up listening too. He sings of the characters and the experiences he has encountered in his formative years of drifting around the city with nothing but his guitar.

Artist Influences include: James Brown, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, D'Angelo, Bernhoft and Allen Stone. Joel's music is described as an old soul style of music, telling tales of heartbreak and lost love, while dealing with the hassles of everyday living. When not concentrating on his original solo material,

Joel works full time in a youth centre as an Arts Officer running a public music studio. He also performs with a 6 piece soul/funk outfit 'The Briefcase,' a soul duo 'The Paybacks' and the occasional collaborative project with other musicians.

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