Johnny McIntyre

After three years journeying around Australia Johnny McIntyre returns with his latest album ‘Gypsy Walking’, produced by multi-ARIA award-winning producer Paul McKercher.

The album invites the listener on a journey. From the country-influenced Auger, set in the barley belt of South Australia’s York Peninsula, through the plaintive rock sounds of Cold Winds, heart-broken in the Tasmanian highlands, towards the slow dark reggae of the title track Gypsy Walking.

These disparate styles unified by poetic lyricism create a dirty country sound that characterizes Johnny McIntyre’s music.

With influences such as Eddie Vedder, Neil Young and Paul Kelly and performances along side Missy Higgins, Dan Sultan and Gossling, this South Australian come Tasmanian invites you to share the images, stories and music of the country, this country, our country.

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