Just Flare

Based in Northern Tasmania, Indie/Folk/Rock trio ‘Just Flare’ love all bringers of true feels.

Their Unique sound, ebbing and flowing dynamically with the evocative vocals of Vocalist Hannah Lawes, full-bodied, bluesy Electric guitar from Zac Jessup, and a mix of both percussion and synth by Drummer Tyler Watson, mixes the best of their shared musical genius. As a group, the three have been consistently playing together for a number of years, playing a large number of local venues and events around the North of Tas including ‘A Day at the Goat’, Festivale Tasmania and the Festival of Small Halls.

Inspired by a collection of artists such as Boy & Bear, Riley Pearce and Holly Arrowsmith, the group aim to write music that is both honest in nature yet inspiring to them as individual listeners. And, with the successful release of their debut album ‘Where the Water’s Deep’ in April 2019, Just Flare brings a fresh new take on Australian Indie/folk music to the table.

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