Cody Webberley, or better known by his stage name of “Koh-dee” is a Tasmanian 18-year-old electronic music producer. His debut EP, Don’t Forget, was released on July 17 2016, which featured his track “Feelings” that has gained an exciting amount of attention. Because of this release, Koh-dee was asked to perform at the Junction Art’s ‘Soundscape’ festival in Launceston on September 10 2016, in which he excitedly leaped at the opportunity.

Collaborating with a diverse array of local talent, Cody has worked with the likes of Hannah Dillon, Jay Ward (The Fountaineers), Timothy Chivers (Nice Pie), and Kelsie Hibberd, to name only a few. At present, Cody has been working on a couple new releases with composer, vocalist, and pianist; Kelcey Pitt, while preparing the release of a new EP and undergoing his studies at the UTAS Conservatorium of Music.

“My music reflects me trying new things, experiences and parts of my life. It is a way for me to express myself, and the emotions that I am going through at the time.” – Cody Webberley, 2017.

His most popular track Feelings; from the EP ‘Don’t Forget’, was reviewed by EKM.CO’s Eric Robberts on July 24 2016. Robberts states: “From the seductive melodic intro and the introduction of masterfully cut vocals, the blissful violins and the deep bassline, it succeeds at creating a very emotional journey. While keeping an ethereal chill atmosphere, the result is a satisfying, tender and transcendent vision into the world of “Feelings”” (Robberts, 2016).

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