Mama K and the Big Love

Mama K and the Big Love is a band with attitude and substance. Hailing from Australia’s ‘deep-south’ (Hobart, Tasmania), they performed their all original, old school funk and soul for the first time in 2014.

In 2016, Mama K recorded their debut album at Red Planet Recording with producer Stewart Long (Violent Femmes, Luca Brasi). The album was tracked through a 1975 Vintage Harrison 24/32 Recording Console and mixed to a Vintage Studer B67 Analog Tape Deck. "So much can be done with digital these days, but sometimes you just want some romance!" said Stew Long, “We used old gear wherever it felt good."

The first single ‘Moth to The Flame’ was released on February 17th, 2017 and is a story about a stripper and a priest who both exploit their loyal flock of followers with promises of heaven. The song is brilliantly brought to life in the video by acclaimed Hobart actor Jeff Michel, who plays both roles in a masterful cross dressing, hip churning solo performance.

The album ‘Blind’ was released to critical acclaim on March 10th, 2017.

Mama K & The Big Love are from the Deep South of Australia — Tassie to be exact —and it seems the location has given them a soulful sound.
A three-woman powerhouse, their vocals are strong and familiar without being derivative. Opener (and single) Moth To The Flame sets a sultry tone but there's much more to the album. There's the call and response glory of title track Blind, the somewhat cautionary Somebody and lovely ballad Don't Be Me. Come for the vocals, stay for the big keys and local tribute to the glory days of soul. Lots of promise.
Liz Giuffre -

"great musicianship, top quality songs.. and that deep down soul/RnB"
David Roman, 2SSRFM 99.7, The Mystery Train
Panel Member Australian Blues and Roots Airplay Chart

"On first hearing Tasmania's Mama K & The Big Love’s debut release ‘Blind’, my first thought was 'where have this band been hiding?'. Blind has loads of excellent soul, funk & gospel"
Graham Henries, Encore 96.3FM

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