Mangus & Co.

A unique performer, Mangus’ growling vocals and guitar performance styles influenced by jazz, blues, finger-style, and slide, have allowed him to captivate his audiences, including those at The Falls Music and Arts Festival, MONA FOMA, The Festival of Voices, Cygnet Folk Festival, The Junction Arts Festival, TASTE of Tasmania, Festivale, and innumerable appearances on Tasmanian stages.

2017 saw the launch of the Mangus & Co. album 'Go Home, Go Inside, and Shut the Door'., featuring his long standing quartet, as well as frequent guest, American vocalist Katy Raucher. The album showcases Mangus' fierce vocals, boisterous guitar playing, crafted songwriting, and a band as skilled as they are handsome.

Mangus' latest album is 2019's 'Ruin It All Over Again'. Mangus recorded this completely solo album tucked away into Hobart's northern suburbs in a 150 year-old church on the first day of winter. This new album features nothing but Mangus' growling vocals and boisterous fingerstyle guitar, with 12 all original pieces as a vehicle for Mangus' stories coloured by all that is mordant, sweet, bitter, humorous, uplifting, and terrible.

Mangus is a Myer's Pickups Featured Artist, and a Krivo Pickups Official Artist.

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