Nathalie Gower & The Buzz


Get ready to hear and experience something new and exciting.

Imagine super modern pop, with a dance slant, interjected with high energy punky vibes. Enter 'Nathalie Gower & The Buzz'.

Hailing from Tasmania, The Buzz have just written these banging original songs, that will make you want to dance, share and sing. Super catchy, engaging tunes. Will leave you wanting more...

Commanding electric stage presence, and high energy crowd engagement their combination of wicked new songs, curated sets, and surprising changes in music will send you next level. 

Led by the hypnotic Nathalie Gower on vocals, she brings a particular flair to each song, creating electricity and intrigue that matches her personality. Nathalie brings years of family experience to bear in creative songwriting (her dad was a bit of superstar back in the day, songwriter and lead singer with No.1’s in several countries)

Samuel Haberle (sometimes an architect but generally just a deal junkie) matches Nathalie’s vibe with his bass playing energy, lighting up every song. Drums are punched out by Daimon Shelton (Shelby), car tinkerer by day and wields his stick magic by night, making the drums serve the band in powerful, heart-beating ways. Clint Baker, passionate guitarist and all-round cutie with a trail of admirers after every gig. 

The band are preparing to debut their first singles during the covid lockdown, which should be interesting. The song isn't about covid. 


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