Omahara are a Dark Ambient band from Hobart, Tasmania.

Omahara birthed in 2012 with the desire to make music with a difference. Appearing sporadically in unusual locations, the trio became known for a sound of cacophonous and sometimes beautifully silent instrumental compositions driven by tribal rhythms.

In 2013 the band hosted a series of events known simply as 'The Third Sea' - held at Three Thirds Barbers Lounge & promoted almost entirely through word of mouth, The Third Sea gave a platform to musical experimenters of all disciplines and brought together a community of exploratory sound lovers.

In 2014 Omahara launched their debut album in a historic church and set off on a short tour of Hobart & Melbourne to promote their release, playing alongside local favourites Machines of Indeterminate Origin, Evil Goat & Oceans + interstate monoliths We Lost the Sea, Fourteen Nights at Sea, Bear the Mammoth, Worm Crown, Dark Pools & Heads of Charm.

Having announced a period of hibernation months prior, Omahara appeared out of nowhere in November 2014, performing to a capacity MONA rooftop at the opening of Matthew Barney's River of Fundament. The band were now sporting a percussion 'cage' and performed a new, decidedly ferocious piece to a stunned and reverent crowd.

In January 2015 Omahara appeared as part of the MOFO festival line up - launching Faux Mo into an unsuspectingly dark place at The Odeon Theatre and performing on the waterways of Hobart in front of thousands of festival goers as part of Alvin Curran's 'Maritime Rites'. Having decided that they would now only play water based events, the dark ambient trio disappeared.

Omahara are set to return to some very special locations in early 2016 with a new percussionist and a body of new material that's more explosive, unrelenting and unpredictable than ever before. There's a lot of special plans in the pipeline - keep your ears to the ground.

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