Paywand Music

Party Music to connect us all

Paywand is a Hobart-based group, performing Afghan House Music with a clever fusion of styles based on traditional Afghani, Persian and Indian music. The members of Paywand began as young musicians in Afghanistan, creating upbeat, inspiring music and captivating audiences with a rich, cultural experience.

Paywand is Persian word, meaning Connect and was inspired by wedding performances where these young musicians witnessed the powerful connection music both brings and represents.

Paywand are passionate about bringing their unique style of music to the wider community, creating connections between performer and listener, and sharing their energy and joyousness with new audiences.

We are originally from Afghanistan but grew up in Iran. We play different types of music: from afghan traditional songs and pop songs, also we play happy and dancing Persian songs as well as love and calm songs. We have played in many different places such as Falls Festival, Moonah Art Center, MONA Museum, and Junction Arts Festival. We are able to perform up to 2 hours continuously with different types of Afghan or Persian Songs. 

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