ROBOTIKUS is an Australian electronic duo consisting of Adam Kleist and Scott Targett.

Their music is influenced by the Disco, Funk, and House pioneers of the 1970’s & 80’s. It’s a fresh blend of synth-pop, fused with contagious vocal hooks, classic drum tones, and groovy guitar.

The pair met in Melbourne following the conclusion of Targett’s previous band and soon found themselves collaborating on tracks conceived by Targett while living in Berlin the previous year. Targett, a seasoned musician, has been professionally playing most his life.

In 2007, his Melbourne-band, Dukes of Windsor, signed to Island/Universal records. They kept a persistent touring/recording schedule, the ‘Dukes’ made their way to the top of the Australian ARIA charts, remaining in the top 50 for 20 consecutive weeks and became the ARIA #1 club song of 2007.

Now based in Hobart, Tasmania, Scott’s focus has turned to ROBOTIKUS, of which he is responsible for a majority of the duo's production, and also performs weekly on the local scene.

The band’s latest release, “Blame It On The Devil,” features a groovy beachside guitar riff with precise electronic production, jazzy keys, and a rhythmic falsetto vocal. It's set for release 13 October on the Casablanca Sunset label. “Blame It On The Devil” is the follow up to their debut EP, One (2015). It marks the duo’s first release on the Casablanca Sunset label and is part of a handful of upcoming records the two have in store. Musically, “Blame It On The Devil” features funky electronic melodies fused with bright uplifting vocals, groovy guitar riffs, and natural organic instrumentation. Produced by the Australian DJ, KOWL, the group’s new music borrows elements of nu disco, french-house, and electro to create a signature synth-pop sound.

As with many of the songs by Robotikus, “Blame It On The Devil” was written primarily via email. Scott wrote the instrumental in a Sydney hotel room in 3 days and sent it over to Adam to add vocals in Melbourne. The song was then later finished by the producer and longtime collaborator, Cal Young (aka KOWL) in Tasmania.

Lyrically, the song is about betrayal and loss. "Blame It On The Devil" is a relationship plagued with cheating and the refusal of a guilty party to take responsibility for their actions. Telling the story of a doomed romance and the disintegration of trust between lovers, the singer pleads for answers and laments the lack of remorse exhibited by the adulterer who blames the devil for their sins.

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