Ruby Austin-Lund

Ruby Austin-Lund started writing songs when she was about 14 or 15 and this became a passion. In 2019, Ruby graduated from a Bachelor of Music with Honours, with a focus on the music of Amy Winehouse and her influences. Ruby's soulful music has been compared to that of Alisha Keys and Carole King, and she gigs in and around Hobart solo and in groups playing originals and covers. In 2018, Ruby was selected to take part in The Astor Sessions where she collaborated and learnt from other artists, such as Monique Brumby and Akouo. The following year, Ruby had the opportunity to perform an arrangement of one of her originals with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. 

Now Ruby gigs weekly in and around Hobart both solo and in various groups, including her originals band, Austin, and The DK Effect and The Duchesses.

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