Shark Puncher

A crushing sound of rockin' metal with a progressive feel where anything goes! Rising from the depths of bands such as, Black Wings, Retaxus, Frank Biffin and Sunday, Something Ruined comes SHARK PUNCHER!! With influences from a range of genres and an "Anything goes" approach to music, Shark Puncher are sure give you glorious Eargasms!

Since that time, the band have consistently performed throughout the state alongside some of Tasmania's finest local bands and artists, as well as a number of great shows with interstate acts. In genres ranging from metal, rock and punk. The band wear their love for music on their sleeves, with influences from a variety of metal and rock, incorporating elements from 70s, 80s, 90s, and..... now. All members have been gigging in a variety of bands and styles over the years, ranging from hardcore, metal, rock, glam and folk. They hope to bring that knowledge and appreciation of music into Shark Puncher.

In 2013-2014, Shark Puncher recorded and mixed their debut album, 'Culture Cringe.' A heavy and progressive offering (with its mellow moments too - there's something in there for everybody!), that showcases the members originality and songwriting capabilities. With its conceptual overtones, it also hints at the future offerings the band has in store.

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