Sonder is the musical alias for Tasmanian recording artist Brandon Meyer. His tastes in Hiphop, RnB, Soul, Classical, World Music and Electronica boil down into an engaging collection neo-psychedelic beats, grooves and storylines. Sonder is on the cusp of the second release for 2017 with 'Exotic Radio Ep.1' due to be out in the coming months. 

Sonder graced us with a 4 track EP early in 2017. 'Music to live inside' featuring a diverse assortment sonic statements alluding to some of the instrumentation and style we can expect from Brandon on this solo project, Drawing on inspiration from innovative beat makers Flamigosis and Eevee as well as local museum 'MONA' and artistically inclined friends, Sonder’s latest 8 track album boasts an eclectic array of exotic samples, radio excerpts, melancholic melodies and lush chordal arrangements reminiscent of Melbourne's 'The Avalanches'. His background as a songwriter in Indie Rock group ‘Josef Josef’ (who's resume includes performance slots at Falls Festival and Tasmania's Party In The Paddock) also shines through with engaging compositions juxtaposed by hypnotic intermission tracks.

Regrowth Organisation put it best, “It's cool because... who cares, it's cool”

Brandon is currently studying a Bachelor of Music at Monash University, Melbourne. Between classes he is putting the final touches on his new album, estimating it be at about 70% completion, due for release in the next few months. For any more info, get in touch! Check out the socials or sign up to the mailing list.

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