Straddlepuss are a two-piece riot grrl inspired all-original rock outfit who formed in March 2014.

They describe themselves as ‘an oestrogen fuelled noise explosion that exists to entertain’. Their sound is characterised by driving riffs, pummelling drums and vocals ranging from sweet melodies to guttural roars, to deliver fun, provocative and at times insightful lyrics. They are renowned for their engaging live performances, swapping instruments and getting the crowd involved in the performance.

Straddlepuss represented Tasmania at the ground-breaking multi-platform arts festival GRRL FEST 2015 in Melbourne’s Northcote Town Hall and have been performing on the local Hobart circuit, supporting fellow punk-rock acts like The Drunk Mums, Mesa Cosa, Wolfpack, The Naysayers and The Dead Maggies. Their debut EP, New Men, was launched in October 2015 to their local fan base and they're now getting ready to hit up some more interstate cities.

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