Stray, The Lightest Dark
Stray, The Lightest Dark

Stray blends and twists all types of genres to form his unique style of music.

With his low soulful voice stray tries to lose his audience in the pure art of music. Being a solo act that's not afraid to hit the stage with energy, Stray's the kind of artist that feels at home on stage. Bursting onto the scene around early 2000 to stir the feathers of the local heads, Stray found no trouble in finding a place for himself and would go on to record and produce a lots of local hip-hop artists.

Later producing the infamous Tasmaniaks track "Tas in winter" (which would end up being played on rage) and producer of the short lived crew, Copious Crew which featured triple j airplay. Collaborating with mdusu, Stray released The Nine Lives Ep & The Successful Failures Mix-Tape.

Stray's latest release is The Lightest Dark LP.

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