The Bad Dad Orchestra

My dad is bigger than your dad.

Part soul funk juggernaut, part support group, part motorcycle gang, a simple idea born of friendship, beers and fatherhood has flourished and taken shape.

The basic premise: a big band, big grooves, big boots... oh and you've got to be a dad to join. The Bad Dad Orchestra comprises of 9 dads (and counting) who have played solid parts in the Launceston band scene for the past decade.

Jimi Steele - Vocals
Lee Mallinson - Guitar
Luke Young - Drums
Elliot Courtnage - Hammond/Vocals
Carl Treasure - Guitar/Vocals Vince Walker - Bass
Carl Bulow - Saxophone
Chris Bonner - Trombone
Shaun Dearing - Trumpet

Together they've got hundreds of kids, hundreds of riffs and a big old bag of style and swagger.

Shine up those dancing boots. It's big, it's bad and it's dad.

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