The Embers

Catch The Embers grooving to a reggae beat, swaying to a sea shanty, jumping to a dance anthem or stomping out some seedy blues... The Embers have become one of Tasmania’s most sought after live bands attracting a diverse crowd not often seen in the same room together. Expect high energy music with a heady mix of reggae, blues, folk, funk, dance and rock all wrapped up with a kicking live show.

The success of The Embers has seen them selected to play many a festival stage, including Falls Festival, Party in The Paddock, The Basin Concert, Cygnet Folk Festival, Jackeys Marsh Forest Festival, Junction Arts Festival, Swagger Festival and MS Fest. The bands’ appeal has also opened doors for The Embers to support some amazing international and national acts such as The Violent Femmes, Ash Grunwald, The Beautiful Girls, Bomba, The Red Eyes, Lior, Faker, True Live, The Whitlams and The Custom kings.

In 2015 The Embers realised a long term dream and recorded a full-length album 'Bright' with Nicky Bomba as producer (Bomba, John Butler Trio, Bustamento; and Melbourne Ska Orchestra) and sound engineer Robin Mai (John Butler Trio, Augie March; and The Cruel Sea).

The Embers released and toured their debut album Bright nationally introducing themselves to new friends and audiences in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Embers career highlights

Royal Eve 2017
Cygnet Folk Festival 2017
The Basin Concert 2016
Party In The Paddock 2016
Esk Beer Festival 2015 and 2016
National Album Tour 2015
National release of debut album 'Bright' 2015
Falls Festival Marion Bay 2012, 2015
Swagger Festival 2014
Spiegel Tent 2014
Jackeys Marsh Forest Festival 2014
Party In The Paddock 2013, 2014
Junction Arts Festival 2012, 2013, 2014
Cygnet Folk Festival 2013
BOFA Film Festival 2012

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