The Venus Figurines

The Venus Figurines
Photo credit: Fullonrockphotograpy (from left to right: Cameron Quinn, Jaidyn Daniels and Brad Holzberger)

Formed in early 2015, The Venus Figurines are an alternative rock band from Hobart, Tasmania.

Their sound is a sonic hybrid of '90s alternative and garage rock revival with pop punk sensibilities.

2017 saw the release of their debut record, In Transit, to glowing reviews from fellow followers, local publications/websites, and received significant airplay from community radio stations across the globe.

They are often praised for their high-energy performances and versatile blends of genres consisting of; iconic powerful vocal screams, unique fusion of lead/rhythm guitar playing styles, monstrous groovy drumming, and chunky distorted bass hooks - and for their on-stage camaraderie.

The band consists of founding guitarist/vocalist and songwriter Jaidyn Daniels, drummer Brad Holzberger and bassist Cameron Quinn.

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