From the edge of the Earth comes a new seven piece folk band, that has come out from under the rocks of the pristine streams of Tasmania, shaking themselves dry, stringed instruments in hand, and foolishness of heart as a guiding factor.

Thieves began in college, jamming singer/songwriter Mary's joke of a song she wrote for her alcoholic friend as a birthday gift. They've since expanded, collaborated, and created a sound not so comical, but they do not mind if a chuckle or two is thrown in their general direction. Being lucky enough to have MS fest 2011 under their belt as their first gig, it has been a fortunate debut for the band, stemming gigs in their local area that are second place to busking outside pizzakom at 2 30 in the morning on a Wednesday for milk and bread money. Living under the same roof, and sharing the same fridge, these kids know how to get along, both musically and householdely.

Mixing classical cello lines with irish fiddle playing, and raw punk/acoustic energies, Thieves have crafted a sound that cannot be classed in any genre, as of yet - but it will make your ears jizz. Stay tuned for the release of their awaited EP, while they ramble more in third person.

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