Zoe Zac

Zoe Zac makes a catchy and unique blend of rock pop. With heavy distorted electric guitar and dreamy multi-layered vocals, pop/rock songs with smattering of electro on occasion. Her distinctive style draws inspiration from the likes of Blondie and The Knife. She has been described as "Ninety's American grunge rock meets k-pop but not quite half way." Gareth Davies (The Dead Maggies).

Signed as an artist to Indie International label Metal Postcard Records - Zoe Zac's travels have seen her touring and recording in Phnom Penh (2013/2016) Hong Kong (2014/2015) and Berlin (2016). Label releases are Flow Chart, Honeybee , Maximum and Heartbreak and Scoplomine. These releases saw her collaborate with well known producers Joshua garden (Grafton Primary) Professor Kinski (Dub Addiction) Matt Nicholson ( Melb) and Harrison Silverfox ( Berlin). As well as Kramer ( USA), The OutPsiDer (UK) via previous bands The Mincers ( Meet the Mincers) and We are the Kicks ( Ladders).

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