Filmak Studios

Filmak Studios provides sound design, composition, music production, jingles, voice overs and audio post- production. The studio is well equipped with a extensive range of sound effects, production music and various sound devices for world class audio-posting for film and television.

We compose and produce original music tracks in any style from contemporary pop to 17th century baroque. Jingles are a specialty and Filmak Studios has produced numerous well known jingles for many a corporate advertising campaign. We provide copywriting services and offer a wide choice of voice over talent, to suit any style of commercial.

The studio utilizes Pro-Tools HD technology, the industry standard in high-end film and television production, along with state of the art analogue technology giving your production a level of fidelity second to none.

For music production the studio offers a variety of recording spaces equipped with an extensive range of microphones for all applications. Custom built control room equipped with 104 channels of fully automated AMEK mixing console, the ultimate in outboard gear, keyboards and samplers and numerous software options for the programmed based musician.

Filmak Studios also provides cameraman services. Full HD video and superfast workflow with the Sony PMW-EX1R. Lighting for all applications, radio mikes, shotguns and camera dolly all make for high quality video production. The studio is also an ideal location for interviews and music videos.

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