The Green Room Recording Studio

The Green Room is a professional recording facility located in the center of Hobart. It consists of two acoustically correct recording rooms and a large control room. This makes it ideal for many different recording situations, especially where isolation is needed between musicians. We can easily cater for solo performers through to larger bands and groups across all genres from Acoustic, to electric, to electronic. All recording utilises a Mac based ProTools system as well as several vintage outboard preamps and mics........

Michael Shelley: About me.......I have been playing, composing and recording music for the past 20 years. I have worked on everything from demos through to national and international releases and have also won several awards including Amplfied 2005 as well as JJJ Unearthed. My work has been aired on local radio, as well nationally on JJJ, RAGE and ABC TV. I also have a vast experience in song writing and music production over many different genres and have worked with many local artists from single song projects right through to full albums.

Here is a list of Artists who have recorded at The Green Room:

The Sin & Tonics
Radio Silence
Josh Durno
Red Rival
The Bone rattlers
Jude Elliot
Brian Ritchie
Jason Patmore
The Ozones
The Blue Mosquitoes
Road kill
Gretel Templeton
Hayley Couper
The Rogue Sharks
Agent Fontaine
The highLows
Sir Veto

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