Mental Health Helpline

Australian music charity Support Act has a ‘Wellbeing Helpline’ to assist local musicians and those who work within the industry with their mental health.

Staffed by professional counsellors, the free and confidential helpline will offer help and expertise in regards to many areas of mental health, like depression, anxiety, addiction and suicidal ideation to name a few. It will also offer help in issues that can be mental health related that often afflict those in the industry, like loneliness, workplace conflict and financial worries.

It’s a service that the industry desperately needs. A 2015 study conducted by Victoria University found that suicide attempts in the entertainment industry were happening twice as frequently as the rest of the population. On top of that, those in the industry are 10 times more likely to suffer anxiety than the rest of the population.

To access the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline, call 1800 959 500. Enquiries can also be made at


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