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It can seem like music sharing platforms are being created every day and it can be difficult to make sure your music is being shared in the most effective ways, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the more popular ways to share and distribute your music to help you make the right decisions – some for free, others paid.



A music catalogue, CD and digital audio download distribution system that makes your tracks available to Australian community radio stations, and allows you to track where the music is being played etc. AirIt also enables like-minded stations to share music discoveries, and charts their progress.

On Bandcamp, fans can listen to your music and pay as they like, with the minimum set by you. They then get unlimited streaming access via the free Bandcamp app plus an optional high-quality download, which you can also offer for free in exchange for their email address to build your contacts database.

Unique to electronic artists and DJs, Beatport allows you to upload your mix, with the option to sell or share in a system that is market and genre orientated and sees high profile artists promoting their favourites.

Offering handpicked independent music, Earbits is curated by a team of music experts. You won’t find the usual mainstream stuff here, but if you’re wanting to be discovered then you can make submissions direct.

Google Play music is a streaming and podcast service. On Google Play, you can sell your music in the Google Play store and include it on the on-demand streaming service. You can submit your music yourself through the Google Play Artist hub or become associated with an aggregator and let them distribute it for you.

A music recommendation service that allows users to discover more music based on the songs they play. Create your own profile to share your music and connect it to similar artists for others to discover.

A whole profile building site, Sonicbids enables you to post your music, build an EPK, list gigs and is used by a number of festivals as their standard platform for applications.

Uploading sounds to SoundCloud lets you easily share them privately with friends or publicly to blogs, sites and social networks, as well as allowing downloads of your tracks, the sharing of others and the creation of playlists, all without the need for an aggregator.

Providing a forum for original content creators and advertisers, YouTube is oriented towards video/promo clips but is increasingly being used as a platform to showcase songs as well.


Apple Music is a music streaming service that features over 50 million songs from a range of artists. If you wish to be featured on Apple Music, you will need an aggregator to distribute your music.

Amazon Music Unlimited is a premium music subscription service which gives listeners unlimited access to millions of songs. To get your music featured and receive royalties, select Amazon Music Unlimited as a streaming service through your aggregator.

Deezer is an internet based streaming service. Your music can be accessed by users around the world and you will receive royalty payments through your aggregator when you music is streamed.

With a successful application to iTunes, your music can be accessed on the world’s largest online music store. The use of an aggregator is required.

Allowing you to be a part of one of the fastest growing catalogues of licensed music in the world, by having your music on Spotify you earn a royalty when your music is played. Participating labels and artists can also access reporting, though you will need an aggregator.

Tidal is a global music and entertainment platform that brings together artists and fans through unique music. It is available in 53 countries, including Australia. To have music published on Tidal, independent artists must have an aggregator. Distribution through any aggregator is accepted but Tidal recommend IndigoboomRecord UnionDistroKid or Tunecore.


Some streaming services, such as the six above, only accept submissions from artists who are associated with an aggregator.

An aggregator is a conduit that helps to distribute music globally, they are designed to make submitting your music to major retailers an easier process.They usually make their money through upfront fees or by charging a percentage of income earned from the streaming and downloading of your music.

If you wish to have your music played on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and more, you must partnered with an aggregator.
There are multiple aggregators available throughout Australia and internationally. It is important to choose one that works with your goals, and you may change aggregators over time as your needs advance.

Two aggregator organisations are Ditto Music and Gyrostream.

Ditto Music is a digital distributor and global music company. They have over 20 offices globally, one of which is in Australia. Ditto Music can be used for artists at any stage in their career, with distribution, PR, marketing and label services.

Gyrostream is an Australian digital music distribution service. Based in Brisbane their service allows artists to distribute music to over 100 platforms. They offer tailored services such as release strategies, ARIA chart registrations and playlist promotion.

To learn more about these two organisations, check out APRA AMCOS’s article here or visit their websites:

Ditto Music



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