It’s with a heavy heart that we learned that Falls Festival will not be going ahead in Marion Bay in 2020.

Since 2015, we have partnered with Falls Festival to present Homebrewed, a showcase and celebration of Tasmanian acts from all over the state.

Homebrewed is the only exclusively local presentation program at any Falls Festival in Australia.

Over the last 5 years, 130 Tasmanian acts have performed in front of a huge crowd of music fans in Marion Bay as part of Homebrewed.

Some of Tassie best live acts have started out playing Homebrewed before performing on the main stage line-up at Falls Festival, including A. Swayze and the Ghosts, Kat Edwards, Meres, and Sumner.

Every year we receive over 100 applications to play Homebrewed and we are always blown-away by the talent here and grateful for the opportunity to discover and support new music.

Homebrewed is more than just a stage, it’s about celebrating our diverse music community at one of our biggest summer festivals, connecting with new audiences and each other.

While this cancellation is not unexpected, it’s yet another blow to the local music industry and all the artists and crew who make this event happen and depend on Falls Festival for employment over the New Year’s period.

We will continue to work with Falls Festival to bring Homebrewed back, bigger and better than ever, in 2021.

Thank you to the Homebrewed fam for your love, hard work, and commitment - Abby Allen, Pat Beverage, Laura Harper, Reuben Hopkins and the Bass Trap Team, Tim Kling, Aeron Clark, Jacqui Smialek, Malcolm Battersby – you’re all absolute legends.

To all the artists that have been a part of Homebrewed, thank you for the music, the good vibes, and for making Falls Festival a uniquely Tasmanian event.

Image: Medhanit performing at Homebrewed 2019. Photo by Shot by Slaidins Photography.

Homebrewed line-up 2015-2019


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