Songs from the edge

Luca Brasi

Songs from the Edge showcases Tasmanian musicians performing in unusual locations and spaces across the island.

Supported by UTAS, this project connects Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music students with Tassie artists to capture local music live on film.

Artists involved so far include: Promise ft Molly, Monique Brumby, Seth Henderson, MUM AND DAD, Madelena, MILQUEBATH, EWAH & The Vision of Paradise, James Parry, Naked, Close Counters, Jed Appleton, The White Rose Project, George Begbie, Tiger Choir, Dirturtles, Mephistopheles, Alma da Vida, Luca Brasi, Matt Boden, Christopher Coleman, The Native Cats, plus Aimz and Tommy Two-Toes.

Promise Ft Molly - Everybody

Tasmanian artist Promise filmed and recorded the song “Everybody” in the historic Hobart Full Gospel Central Church. Promise is an exciting Tasmanian rapper, born in Kenya from Ethiopian and Eritrean descent, he first arrived in Australia as a refugee at the age of 11 and has a unique story to share with the world. “Everybody” features the soulful vocals of Molly O’Brien and a rousing gospel chorus led by Choir Master Naarah Barnes. According to Promise: "The song everybody was inspired by my own friendships, and the complexity that came from true friendships and bonds, no one is perfect but we come pretty close when we are together. I choose to film it in a church because it reminds me of where I learnt my morals and sense of community, and even learnt about faith and hope. And the choir, the band and especially Molly were crucial to evoke the emotion of the song, I am grateful to Music Tasmania for the opportunity to share this work."

Seth Henderson - Braille

Seth Henderson performed the song ‘Braille' live in Hobart’s infamous late-night haunt, Mobius Lounge Bar. Seth Henderson is a wondering wordsmith from Hobart, who has been performing in venues across Australia, NZ, USA, and the streets of London since he picked up the guitar around 11 years ago. Last year, Seth was voted Tasmania’s live voice of the year in 2017 at the National Live Music Awards. Since then, he’s gone onto release the first two tracks from his solo record “Stories from the Bottom of the World”, with the first single ‘Saints’ debuting on triple j. You can listen out for Seth’s multi-instrumental talent on the recordings, including piano, guitar, percussion, and harmonica.  According to Seth the song 'Braille' "Is the sound of a lonely drifter feeling for an invisible anchor”. Recorded and filmed on location at Mobius, Hobart by James Holloway and Trai Wells.

Monique Brumby – Crossing Over Albion

Monique Brumby performed ‘Crossing Over Albion' live for Songs from the Edge (SFTE) in her house in Hobart. Monique Brumby is a Tasmanian born singer/songwriter and music producer. She has won 2 ARIA Awards for her original work since the release of her debut album 'Thylacine' in 1996. Currently working on her sixth studio album, Monique is keen for her natural rock tendencies to be more prominent in this body of work. A lover of melody and alternate pop rock stylings, she will record her new album in her house nostalgically named 'The Thylacine House' with local musicians as well as her touring band who are flying in from Melbourne where she was based for 23 years. Now back living in Tasmania, Monique works independently as a music producer and has recorded a number of artists in The Thylacine House Studio since her return early 2018. Monique's new album is set for release in 2019. According to Monique, the song ‘Crossing Over Albion' reflects her love of having family and friends close by. She also lived for some years in Melbourne near Albion Street in Brunswick which inspired the lyric. Recorded, filmed, mixed and edited by Jonathan Dieckfoss, Thomas Eyers and Frederic Moll.

Mum and Dad – Chillin'

Everyone's favourite MUM AND DAD (AKA Yasmin Holm and Orion Hedges) recently invited us into their Moonah home to film and record Chillin' live for Songs from the Edge (SFTE). For a MUM and a DAD from Moonah who "tell it like it is while making you shake your rump," they have developed a cult following with their old-school hip-hop beats and fresh live show. According to MUM and DAD; "Chillin' is about playing gigs, peeing in the bushes and raising children in Hobart. It's a bit of an intro tune to MUM AMD DAD. We wrote this song between our first gig, Little Bands #4 at The Fern Tree Arts Hall, and our second gig, at The Brisbane Hotel, so we had more than three songs to play!" Recorded, filmed, mixed and edited by Jonathan Dieckfos, Thomas Eyers and James Holloway.

Madelena – This Beat of Ours

Folk-pop artist Madelena brings warmth and openness to her stage shows that instantly draws you into her world. Inspired by love, life and the natural beauty of Tasmania, Madelena’s songs and bubbly tones will be sure to leave you with some sugary happiness ringing in your ears. Recorded live in Hobart by Timothy Chivers, Ian Parsons and Paul-Leo Keutmann.

Milquebarth – F.Fashionistas Mix

MILQUEBARTH is the solo project of Hobart drummer Sam Dowson (Lazer Baby, The Lawless Quartet, Mephistopheles). Armed only with an iPad and iMPC, MILQUEBARTH makes beats that are eclectic and experimental, mixing dirty bass, buzzing synths, and crunchy percussion. F.Fashionistas Mix was filmed and recorded live in an industrial Goods Shed on Hobart’s waterfront with support from the Macquarie Point Development Corporation. Recorded, edited and mixed by Bianca Birt, Callum Williams, Nick Van Ommen-Brown and Rikin Sharma.

EWAH and the Vision of Paradise – Endless Love

Endless Love is the latest single from the album Everything Fades to Blue by EWAH & The Vision of Paradise. EWAH & The Vision of Paradise are based in Hobart Tasmania. Their tough-noir-rock-meets-shimmering-new-wave sound shifts between lightness and darkness, sundrenched and throwing dark shadows. The band’s debut release, Everything Fades to Blue has attracted attention from ears nationally and internationally, including Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service on BBC Radio 6 (UK), Henry Rollins on KCRW radio (USA) and back in Australia, was album of the week Edge Radio (Hobart), Top Ten Albums of the Week PBS (Melbourne) and has picked up regular play on Double J. EWAH & The Vision of Paradise have been playing a slew of shows including A Festival Called Panama 2017 and Dark Mofo 2017. In April 2017, Everything Fades to Blue made The Guardian’s top ten listing of Australia’s best underground releases.

James Parry – Emerson Rush

Hobart musician James Parry is an independent singer-songwriter who has supported Australian acts Alex Lloyd, The Gin Club, Leah Flanagan and a hive of other visiting artists, as well as playing six interstate tours and gigging in the UK. James' latest album In The Lights features his searing vocals and rich arrangements to tell an intimate story of small town fears and their far-reaching consequences .

Naked - Massive Cock

Naked is a noisy three-piece experimental punk band based in Hobart, Tasmania. Originally a one-man bedroom recording project started by Kieran Sullivan, Naked quickly recruited collaborators and mainstays Jordan Marson (Paint Your Golden Face) and Robert Fisher (myblackson). The band featured drummers Will Mann (Treehouse) and Sam Harrison (Phat Meegz), before settling on a three piece lineup with percussion duties shared between all three members and an iPhone drum app. Recorded, filmed and edited by Richard Coburn, Harrison Downes and Reilly Christian.

Close Counters ft. Lazer Baby – Dontcha

Emerging from the depths of Tasmania are Allan McConnell (21) and Finn Rees (19) who are known for their electrifying fusion of electronic, hip-hop and jazz and their signature dense synths and driving basslines. Since their recent beginnings, Close Counters have supported the likes of The Kite String Tangle, The Aston Shuffle, Tkay Maidza and Shaggy. Their first single ‘Fluctuate’ was named Track of the Day on international music blog Indie Shuffle, and the track’s music video was aired on ABC TV’s RAGE program. Australian website Pilerats described their debut EP as “diverse as it is interesting as it is just plain groovy”, and Triple J host Veronica Milson dubbed their single ‘Picture Me’ a “straight-up party tune from the word go!”. Recorded, filmed, mixed and edited by Harrison Downes, Julian Mollo and Reilly Christian.

Jed Appleton – Waltzed Into My World

Jed Appleton is a young troubadour, hailing from the small town of Hobart. Fascinating crowds with his stripped back and pensive songwriting, the 20 year old has captured the ears of many, from street corners to sold-out theatres, and you might've just forgotten your beer or coffee along the way whilst tuning in to some earnest lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies. Recorded and filmed on location in Franklin, Tasmania by Richard Coburn, Jay Young and Gavin Wolfe.

The White Rose Project – Guilty

Since forming on the northwest coast of Tasmania, The White Rose Project have been actively playing shows and developing a following statewide. Now based in Hobart, the band consists of four members (Colin Kucera, Rowan Pattison, Luis Fantarella & Lewis Elliott) who each have their own musical backgrounds and influences. Their music contains aspects of many genres - most notably rock, funk & pop. Recorded at the Grand Poobah in Hobart by Allan McConnell, Tomas Thiele and Trent Thomas.

George Begbie – One Day

Take a distant cousin of Ben Folds, A.C. Newman and The Whitlams, and the bright and strongly melodic sound of George Begbie is who you will find. Hailing from the leafy outer suburbs of Hobart, beneath the snow-capped peaks of Tasmania’s Mount Wellington is a youthful misfit. Pianist, vocalist, and cow-brown leather jacket wearer, George confidently brings together irresistible pop hooks, 70’s rock piano, memorable lyrics and beautiful harmonies in a distinctly modern fashion. Recorded at the Conservatorium of Music Library by Allan McConnell, Tomas Thiele and Trent Thomas.

Tiger Choir – Good Things Are Scary

Tiger Choir is a four-piece band of eclectic sample-pop with guitars & falsetto choruses & drum machines & tangled synthesizers.

Dirturtles - World War Four

Hailing from the South-East of Tassie, the Dirturtles craft an unheard style of melodic hip-hop. Comprising of two Emcees, Primitive & Martian also alongside their tasty producer Hot Chedda, these three have been working together since early '2012' and have since released their debut 'The Out of the Shell EP' in July 2014.

Mephistopheles – Those Whose Skin Was Gold

Mephistopheles is a technical, blackened death metal band from Australia's southern-most state. Influenced by a variety of styles and sounds, the result is a brew of sonic rocket-fuel that is striving to be an elixir to the lethargy inducing intoxicants of an oft stale scene. Recorded and filmed on location by Marion Jones, Jonathan Bonnelame and Trent Thomas. Mixed and edited by Marion Jones and Jonathan Bonnelame.

Alma da Vida -- Ivory Coast

Alma da Vida is a collaboration of three Tasmanian based musicians, drawing on the flamenco and Spanish guitar style of Paul Gerard, the world music grooves of percussionist, Jules Witek and the endless stream of ideas from bassist, Nigel Hope. Creating a style the group describe as 'Spanish fusion'. Ivory Coast is an Alma da Vida original, bound for their first album with vocalist, Georgina Richmond. This clip was shot in the gardens and glorious Georgian ballroom of Epsom House, Pontville, Tasmania. More often the home of black ties and classical strains, it seemed to cope with Nigel's surf shirt just as readily! Recorded on location at Epsom House. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marion Jones, Michael Kennedy and Jon Bonnelame.

Luca Brasi - Borders and Statelines

Forming in 2009, Tasmanian four-piece Luca Brasi cut their teeth playing in pubs, lounge rooms, festivals and anywhere else game enough to play host to their raucous brand of melodic punk rock. Luca Brasi have garnished a reputation for injecting fun, recklessness and youthful enthusiasm back into an often sterile and unimaginative punk-rock scene. Recorded by Trent Thomas, Michael Smith and Caleb Miller. Mixed and edited by Michael Smith.

Matt Boden - Novus

Overlooking the lights of the Salamanca Wharf, internationally regarded Jazz pianist Matt Boden and guitarist Damien Kingston for the UTAS Songs From The Edge project ( Recorded and filmed by Conservatorium of Music students, Matt and Damien draw on the influence of early jazz, Thelonius Monk and a love of impressionism to produce a mesmerising wash of texture and melody. Recorded on location in Sandy Bay by Caleb Miller and Michael Smith. Mixed and edited by Michael Smith.

Christopher Coleman Collective - Sweet, Sweet Melody Part 1 & 2

Australian singer-songwriter Christopher Coleman captivates audiences with his folk narratives, crowd-silencing vocals, and a jovial rock 'n' roll showmanship. Citing inspirations from Flanagan, Whitman, Kelly, Dylan, Cohen and more, Christopher's well-woven storybook of songs evoke warmth, humour and joy as well as introspective sorrow, hardship and love. Recorded on location at The Avalon Theatre in Hobart. Recorded by Sam Kerr, Caleb Miller, Chris Rushworth, Michael Smith Mixed by Caleb Miller.

Native Cats - I Remember Everyone

Since 2007, Julian Teakle and Peter Escott have been operating musically from their home city of Hobart, Tasmania, under the name of the Native Cats; if not "working together" as such, then at least each asking the other's permission before adding something to a song, and generally moving towards a roughly common goal. Now, with the release of their third album, DALLAS, the Native Cats' grand plan is becoming clear: big shifts within a very small space. The band's job description remains the same as it has always been Teakle plays bass, Escott sings and operates only the most user-friendly electronics, and all the pieces are cryptically aligned in sympathy with your complicated troubles or steady anxiety but thanks to some adventurous songwriting, a criminally underrated Nintendo synthesiser, and a recent inspiring tour of noted musical hotspot the United States of America, DALLAS is a unique and unusual beast.

Aimz and Tommy TwoToes -- Same Page

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