Auspicing grants

Are you an individual artist or band? Have you found a grant program that sounds perfect for your project idea? If you are not a legal entity, then you may need to have your grant auspiced by an organisation.

Music Tasmania can auspice grants on behalf of unincorporated groups. Talk to us to see if we can help you secure and manage a grant.


When a grant applicant is not a legal entity, it is common that the applicant is required to nominate an auspicing body to be responsible for the management of the grant. The primary responsibilities of an auspicing body are to monitor how the grant monies are spent, ensure that the project is completed, that the money is accounted for, and to provide a financial report to the auspicee (grant recipient) at the project’s completion.


As an incorporated association, Music Tasmania is able to receive grants and act as an auspicing body for individuals or unincorporated groups.

Music Tasmania can offer grant applicants a range of resources and services to support their project. The extent of Music Tasmania’s involvement in auspiced projects is negotiated with the grant applicant before lodgement of the grant application form.

Who/what can be auspiced?

  • You must be a current member of Music Tasmania.
  • The project for which funding is sought can be reasonably described as ‘contemporary music'
  • The aims of the project fall broadly within our mission to develop, promote, and advocate for Tasmanian music
  • As a peak body accountable to our own funding agency and members, Music Tasmania will not provide infrastructure for projects with purely commercial aims


Auspice fees apply to cover administrative, bank, and audit costs. Music Tasmania charges a fee of 10% of grant funds. The auspicing fee will be included in your grant application budget as an ‘on top’ percentage charge after your complete budget is set. If the amount available is fixed, the percentage must be included in the fixed amount.

All auspice applications are assessed and approved by the Music Tasmania board. We are looking for projects that further our mission to develop, promote and advocate for the music industry. So if you have a project idea, get in touch with us to discuss how we might be able to help you.

Please note that this auspicing service is available to Music Tasmania members only. You can join up here.

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