The Brisbane Hotel

The Brisbane Hotel presents a massive ten female-led acts for only $5 on the door during Game Changers!

Come and get your shoes sticky at Hobart institution 'The Bris' and discover your new favourite band! 

WHEN: Saturday 4 November. Doors at 4pm.
WHERE: The Brisbane Hotel, 3 Brisbane Street, Hobart


4:30 | Sara Lacy Ann 

5:15 | Slumber

6:00  | Fit Bit

6:45  | The Cindy Witches

7:30 | Soda Creamers

8:15 | The Stragglers  

9:00  | Lasca Dry Band 

10:00 | Ghost Drop 

10:45  | Final Broadcast

11:30 | Feed Rick 

12:15 | Just Jesus 

1:00 | Secret Stains (DJ Set) 

Bar n Star - Randomly through-out the evening 

Sara Lacy Ann 
Sarah Lacey Ann is a dream pop singer-songwriter from Hobart. From an orchestral music background as a former oboist, she found a love for writing and composing pop songs in her bedroom after picking up her father's old acoustic guitar. Sarah's music is very lyrically focused. She uses lyrics to remember and document her life, with themes of personal growth, heartbreak and love, sickness and health, cafe culture, metaphors, and the natural world and its elements.

Slumber is an experiment in cathartic pop music, blending layered synths and danceable beats with repetitive vocal mantras. Pairs well with rosé, sunshine and heartbreak

Fit Bit
Ex-lovers, allied health professionals, fitness group .

The Cindy Witches
Hobart based heavy rock band T he Cindy Witches are a dynamic new all original 4 piece rock band fronted by local electric guitar songstress Zoe Zac. The Cindy Witches see Zoe Zac join forces with Jieyu Ren of Shanghai's hard rock band Goushen on guitar. Sara Pensalfini from Sea Scouts on drums and Timmy Boroughs of Timmy Buroskovik solo fame on bass. Combining catchy songs with a massive wall of noise sound (that is nostalgic of the grunge era). The Cindy Witches are located somewhere near Blondie and Sonic Youth on the scheme of aural frequencies.

Soda Creamers
And there came a day unlike any other, when earth's mightiest heroes were united against a common threat! On that day the Soda Creamers were born! - Gifted with extraordinary powers, they are the next step on the evolutionary ladder. It's harken existential, barst morte all the time. Hated and feared by the world at large, they are the Soda Creamers!

The Stragglers  
Ratbag bluegrass and boozy folk tunes played by three miserable mates coming together for a laugh and a beer, because music is cheaper than therapy. These ratbags are Samara Cullen, Teresa Dixon (The Little Sisters), Joshua Seymour (Cherrywood), and more often than not Hannah Morrell (Dead Maggies).

Lasca Dry Band 
Poignant, subtle; blends simplicity and depth, bitterness and sweetness. She played Fall Festival, and supported Phil Jamieson, Owl Eyes and Paul Dempsey.

Ghost Drop
Sugary femme punk to make awkward eye contact with your crush to.  

Final Broadcast
Hobart punk.

Feed Rick
Feed Rick were brought together by a mutual love of Indian food. The fab four soon realised there was also a telepathic empathy for one another present. They have been described as Hobart's most physically fit band, which may be due to all the Malai Kofta. They are extremely rich people and money means nothing to them.  

Click here for set times and more info.

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