The Grand Poobah

Our friends at The Grand Poobah have curated a showcase of some of their fav female-led acts for Game Changers! 

WHEN: Saturday 4 November
WHERE: The Grand Poobah, 142 Liverpool Street, Hobart

Peak Body
Mum & Dad
Slag Queens 
DJ Popsie Cool

PHILOMATH is the intertwining of a common desire to play and experiment with music, there is no start or end, there is no one Idea but plenty of great ideas! And the will of sticking together and the strength of having fun and give it a go.

Minimalist electronic post-pop from Hobart, Tasmania.

Sad and angry. 

When you worship at The Temple of MUM AND DAD, the spirit of golden era hip-hop fills your soul. Whether you're Chillin' or Trippin' at the Park, MUM AND DAD have got the rhymes & beats to get you off your seat & on your feet, feelin' the heat like they're grillin' your meat.

Just three slags trying to get by in Tasmania. They make music, audio and visual art and other stuff. Just some trash smashed with glitter.

YSLA are a 5 piece indie-pop band hailing from Hobart, Tasmania. Their music is a blend of powerful lead vocals, punctuated by bursts of harmony all wrapped in layers of hooky instrumental goodness! The band started with Crystal and Anna, two passionate young women with collaborative ideas who found in each other what Lennon is to McCartney. Together they have been working on their songwriting and enjoying the dynamic they each bring to the process. One by one they have been joined by Sophie, Rod and Alex to form Ysla. Each contributing their unique musical talents, they have created a blend that draws upon diverse inspiration from The Preachers and Jarryd James all the way back to ABBA and Fleetwood Mac. They are currently in 'studio mode' working with their producer Aaron Stokes and look forward to releasing their music soon

When Popsie Cool hits you with her rhythm stick you may find yourself dancing with strangers like teenagers at a house party. It's a beautiful thing.

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