Acoustic Picnic

Music Tasmania has once again partnered with Junction Arts Festival to present an Acoustic Picnic on Sunday 9 September from 1-4 pm at the festival hub in Launceston's Prince's Square.

Acoustic Picnic is ultimate Sunday session with a great lineup of Tassie music including Monique HowAlfanAnt, and Cotton Pony.

Sit back, take in the atmosphere and music as you laze away the last day of the Festival!


1:00-1:45 pm: Monique How    
2:05-2:50 pm: AlfanAnt
3:10-3:55 pm: Cotton Pony 


Monique How 

Monique is an emerging songwriter who was a highlight of last year's Rock Challenge. She recently oppened for Brisbane band Bugs on the Launceston leg of their national tour, and has just been announced on the 2018 lineup for 'Till The Wheels Fall Off'. Monique is really finding her stride as a solo artist performing a mix of folk punk songs with a heavy pop influence, Monique is crafting her own unique sound.


Ant Mckenna and Alf are the Alt-Folk Country Samaritans bringing fun, awesome tunes and mayhem to venues throughout the land! Ant resides on the Sunshine Coast whilst Alf calls Launceston home - to pay a gig they have to tour the nation and they are releasing their debut EP with a swag of shows along the East Coast. Mandi McIntyre from Woodford Festival says, "When thinking of the quinessential Aus-folk-roots sound, it is hard to go past the good, honest story-telling fun that Alfanant bring to every show they play. Alfanant remind us all why we picked up guitars and started jamming with mates in the first place."

Cotton Pony

Cotton Pony is Tassie’s freshest all original alt-country band. From the swamplands of Invermay, CP leader Megan Q Pennyfeather dons her boots and lays out her soul in a soundscape of woe and heartbreak. But fret not, it ain’t all doom and gloom! There’s plenty of foot stompin’ to be had! Accompanied by Lurkin’ J. Durkin (Joseph Durkin) on drums, T-Dubya (Thomas Willis) on banjo and harmonica and Curly Sue (Susannah Coleman-Brown) on Bess (her black upright bass), Megan leads her band of ponies with great heart and humour. When the Pones let loose, their three-part harmonies, twangin’ rhythms, and solid melodic writing will make you want to throw your arms around someone and get all giddy. Giddy up!

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