Keith Deverell annoucned as Music Tasmania's new CEO

Portrait of Music Tasmania's CEO Keith Deverell
Keith Deverell, CEO Music Tasmania, photo by Bianca Blackhall

Music Tasmania is pleased to announce the appointment of Keith Deverell as the new CEO. Keith will be replacing Laura Harper who has steered the ship for the past 5 years. We are grateful for Laura’s hard work and diligence and all of the great things she has done for the organisation.

Keith is a practicing artist and designer working in video and sound who has exhibited nationally and internationally. Music and sound has always been at the heart of his practice from his early days a VJ in Melbourne’s techno scene, to his more recent audio visual installations and performances. Keith describes himself as a maker and a passionate lover of music, who can’t help but buy records late at night on the internets!

Keith will be bringing new energy and experiences to the role of CEO with the aim of developing the reach of Music Tasmania through interesting and engaging stories of Tasmania’s unique music culture and the people that make it. We are excited to have Keith on board and what he will bring to the next chapter of Music Tasmania.

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